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The PEI Invasive Species Spotters Network

Would you like to contribute to conserving PEI’s native species and biodiversity?

Are you interested in learning more about invasive species?

Join the PEI Invasive Species Spotters Network!

The Spotters Network includes professionals and volunteer “spotters” that are trained in identifying and reporting NEW or UNCOMMON invasive species.  Volunteers are trained in plant identification, reporting and how to take photos of suspected invaders.  They are also provided with Spotter’s Kits which include factsheets and key cards.

Invasive species spotters networks exist in many provinces across Canada and help with the early detection of invasive species!

“Preventing invasive species from arriving on PEI is our best defense.  Our next best defense is early detection.  It is extremely important to detect the presence of invasive species before they become well established so that eradication efforts are more economical and much more likely to succeed.  Early detection allows us to save precious resources and efforts that would otherwise be used to control well established invasive populations” says Beth Hoar, Parkland Conservationist with the City of Charlottetown and Chair of the PEIISC.

If you would like to report an invasive species sighting, please use our Report an Invasive Species page.

If you would like to become a spotter, email us at:

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