Youth Educational Materials on Invasive Species

Explore invasive species and their impacts on the Wabanaki-Acadian Forest Region by helping us pilot our new collection of educational materials. This collection of materials has been put together to compliment the grade 4 curriculum, but can be adapted to fit all ages. Please reach out to us with any feedback you may have and/or with any ideas you may have for future materials!

  • Sneaky Stowaways
  • That's Sus!
  • Don't Move Firewood
  • Give Invasive Species the Boot (Brush) (PDF)
  • Be a Forest Friend
  • Play Clean Go Activity Book - Canadian Council on Invasive Species (PDF)
  • Make a Field Report - Forest Field Trip
  • Habitat Hero - Board Game
  • Wildlife Posters - Canadian Wildlife Federation (PDF)
  • Animal Adaptions (Powerpoint)
  • Design your own Invasive Animal Challenge (PDF)
  • Plant Adaptions (Powerpoint)
  • Creating an Invasive Species Scavenger Hunt for Children and Youth (PDF)