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Buyer Beware – Norway Maples (archive)

Published on Monday December 19, 2016
Authored by PEIISC

Post by PEIISC Member and Kensington North Watersheds Association Executive Director, Barry Murray

Norway Maples are fast growing trees that are very popular in urban areas. Their good shape, quick growth and tolerance to exposure make them favourites on lawns and around buildings. They in fact have adapted too well to our province, and often become a source of competition for native trees and shrubs.

Mature Norway Maples produce thousands of seeds, “keys”, each year, and they can travel more than 100 metres to ditches and riparian zones, where they truly display their ability to be an invasive species.

This mature maple grew in a riparian zone in Kensington, and its seedlings are gradually taking over, shading out other trees and shrubs.

Tip: One way to ID a Norway Maple is to remove a leaf. If a white milky sap is flowing from the leaf stalk, it is a Norway Maple. The leaves are also more broad than long.

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