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Campers… and invasive hitchhikers! (archive)

Published on Monday December 19, 2016
Authored by PEIISC

Campers… and invasive hitchhikers!

Post by PEIISC Council member Jennifer Cameron

With the warmer (?) weather everyone wants to be outside, and for many people that includes loading up the vehicles to go camping. But many invasive pests can hitch a ride to the campground with you. Campgrounds are hotspots for invasive species, and often the first finds of new invaders are in parks and at highway rest stops. Here are a few things you can do to avoid taking hitchhikers along with you to your favorite camping spot:

  • Don’t move firewood! Buy your firewood in or near the campground and burn it there. Don’t bring any home with you.
  • Check anything that’s been stored outside for signs of pests. Gypsy moths will lay their eggs on anything, including trailers and outdoor furniture.
  • Clean boats and watercraft to avoid spreading aquatic invaders.

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