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Council Member Activities (archive)

Published on Wednesday October 29, 2014
Authored by PEIISC

This week, we thought we would highlight some of the work being done by our council members! Be sure to click on the links!

PEI Invasive species experts, and members of the PEIISC are contributing at the national and regional level to management of invasive species.

Rosemary Curley is the PEI representative on the Canadian Council on Invasive Species, which recently held a meeting in Ottawa that she attended.

CBC News Article, “Invasive species experts want more involvement from public”

UPEI researchers have taken their study of the invasive green crab to a new level that may one day appear on your dinner table. The research is a collaborative effort between Dr. St. Hillaire (AVC), Dr. Pedro Quijon (Biology, and PEIISC member), and graduate student Luke Poirier.

CBC News Article, “Green crab shell secret cracked”

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