Buy Local, Burn Local
PEI Campfire Wood Map

Use this map to find the nearest firewood source to you!

It’s a good rule to look for wood within 10km of where you want to burn it and to never take it across the provincial border.

This map is designed to help those on PEI find the closest convenient source of firewood in relation to their burn site.


  • Layer 1) Campgrounds & Cottage locations
  • Brown Tent = Private Campground
  • Layer 2) Firewood Sources
  • Green = Available seasonally
  • Blue = Available year-round
  • Grey = None available
  • Layer 3) Firewood Bin
  • Red Insect = A place to safely dispose of out of province wood.

* If you would like to add or remove your location, please email

Buy local fuelwood

Did you know PEI's forestry sector directly employs over 500 people?

Islanders have traditionally used firewood as a cost-effective and readily available cooking and heating fuel. In recent years high fuel oil costs and concern over fossil fuels and climate change have increased demand for locally produced firewood.

Looking for local fuelwood sources? Wondering what the heat values are of certain island trees species? Visit this provincial government page.