Transporting firewood can spread pests.

Trees in ALL 50 STATES AND 10 CANADIAN PROVINCES ARE AT RISK of attack by invasive species if people move infested or diseased firewood.

You can help; buy local or certified firewood.


The Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Center (AC CDC)

  • The AC CDC's expertise and data represent the single most comprehensive and current source of information about Atlantic Canada's biodiversity. Visit "Conservation Ranks" on their website to view a comprehensive provincial list of plant and animal species, with a conservation status rank (S-rank) and legal status for each species in each province.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency Regulated Areas (CFIA)

PEI Government - Local Fuelwood List

PEI Invasive Species Council - Species Info

  • The council serves as a respected repository for credible information and resources on invasive species for PEI. To find information on what species are considered invasive threats, please visit the invasive plant, insect and disease section of the website.

Youth Resources

* Youth Resources Developed by the Canadian Council of Invasive Species