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Eating Invasives Part 2 (archive)

Published on Tuesday December 8, 2015
Authored by PEIISC

While we are all thinking about how to cook our winter vegetables and swapping cookie recipes with family and friends, I thought it was time to rekindle our creativity in how to tackle invasive species. Here are a few resources and recipes you may want to share with like-minded folks across the country or try out for yourself!

1. Institute for Applied Ecology (Oregon) is selling They’re Cooked. They also host a cook-off called Eradication by Mastication. Sounds grand! (…/2016-invasive-species-cook-off/)

2. Eat the Invaders; interesting site although I have to admit this one seems a bit over the top! (

3. Nature Conservancy of Canada suggests that “getting rid of invasive species has never been more…delicious.” (…/getting-rid-of-invasive.h…)

4. Conservation Halton (Ontario) provides their Pest-o-Fest booklet online with several Garlic Mustard recipes (…)

5. Don’t forget the blog written by our own Julie-Lynn (../finding-virtue-in-our-invasives)

Finally, make sure you are well informed about what is invasive in your area and what isn’t. If you aren’t sure – just ask! And don’t forget to share your recipes successes with us here.

– Karen Samis, Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at UPEI, PEIISC Member

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