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Hello Spring, Hello Invasive Species! (archive)

Published on Monday February 22, 2016
Authored by PEIISC

With the recent warm weather, many Islanders are starting to think about spring. With spring comes new growth of grass, leaves, flowers, and invasive species! So, while spring is on the brain, we thought we would take this opportunity to remind everyone of our Spotter’s Network Program.

The PEI Invasive Species Spotter’s Network is a great volunteer opportunity for anyone who likes to spend time outside, is interested in learning about plant and insect identification, and would like to help preserve our native flora and fauna.

Volunteer spotters are trained in invasive plant and insect ID, and how to document and report invasive species sightings. Volunteers are also provided with spotters kits, which include everything needed to ID and collect samples of invasive species.

Spotters can then use their identification skills and kits any time they are outside in a natural area on PEI!

Spotters play a crucial role in the prevention of new invasive species populations, and contribute to what we know about invasive species on PEI.

Volunteer spotters are trained to ID priority species – species that are either not present yet on Prince Edward Island OR are present but only in localized patches. The goal is to have spotters reporting these rare or uncommon species before they become widespread on PEI.

Spotters’ data also helps us get a better picture of where invasive species are on PEI. There is very little distribution data available on some species, but our volunteer spotters are filling in the gaps!

If becoming an Invasive Species Spotter interests you, send us an email or sign up online:

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