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Invasive species in P.E.I. originate in gardens: council chair (archive)

Published on Friday March 18, 2016
Authored by PEIISC

Periwinkle and goutweed are both invasive species often found in gardens

What you plant in your garden could easily become an invasive plant in the wild, P.E.I.’s Invasive Species Council is warning.

The council held its first annual general meeting in Charlottetown on Thursday, with a focus on education.

“A lot of these invasives are actually escapees from our gardens,” said council chair Beth Hoar.

If people are aware of what they’re buying and planting and swapping with their friends, then they can maybe make alternate choice and not choose some of the more invasive plants that are still sold in garden stores.”

She said and periwinkle and goutweed are both common garden plants that can do significant damage when they get into the wild.

Hoar said when it comes time to throw the plants out, gardeners should be putting them in a plastic bag by their garbage with the word “invasive” written on it so Island Waste Management Corporation can properly dispose of them.

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