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Managing Invasive Species in PEI National Park (archive)

Published on Tuesday September 15, 2015
Authored by PEIISC

Each year in PEI National Park students are hired to assist with the ecological integrity monitoring. The first thing on the summer schedule is invasive species management; specifically garlic mustard which is really hard work and somewhat discouraging. I always wonder if they will come back the next day. I was curious how they felt about this backbreaking work. The following comment is from Tessa McBurney, one of our students. I love her thinking that working together is key!

Did I mention the mosquitoes?

“Working with invasive species can at first seem a bit daunting, but it is important to remember that every bit helps. Eradicating invasive species is not something that can be accomplished overnight, it does take time and perseverance. Garlic Mustard, Japanese Knotweed, Glossy Buckthorn, Purple Loosestrife…the more people who join the cause, the easier it becomes to remove these species from our local ecosystems!”

– Linda Thomas, PEIISC Member and Resource Management Officer at PEI National Park.

Attached images:

Tessa attacking the Purple Loosestrife!