Managing invasive species


A Guide to Invasive Plant Species Planning, Identification and Management on PEI

A Guide to Invasive Insect Identification and Management on PEI

A Visual Guide to Monitoring and Management Timings on PEI

PEIISC Monitoring and Management Protocol for Invasive Species in Riparian Areas on Prince Edward Island

PEIISC Field Survey Plant Data Sheet


Find factsheets for additional information on invasive species in these PDFs below:

Plant Factsheets

Plant NameFactsheet
Canada WaterweedID
Common Buckthorn IDManagement
Flowering RushID
Garlic Mustard IDManagement
Giant HogweedID
Himalayan Balsam IDManagement
Japanese Knotweed IDManagement
Oriental Bittersweet IDManagement
Purple Loosestrife IDManagement
Scotch Broom IDManagement
Yellow Flag Iris IDManagement