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New regulations for Kudzu – a species not in PEI…. yet! (archive)

Published on Wednesday August 12, 2015
Authored by PEIISC

Kudzu has just recently been added to the list of officially regulated pest plants for Canada! This means it may not be imported except under strict conditions for research purposes.

Kudzu is an extremely invasive vine in the legume family. It will climb over other vegetation and completely cover structures. Kudzu has sometimes been planted for ornamental purposes or erosion control but its massive root systems make it almost impossible to eradicate. In some areas of the US severe infestations cause major problems for land owners, local governments and the forest industry. Only one population of kudzu is known in Canada – it was discovered in southern Ontario in 2009. It could probably survive in many parts of Canada, but since importation is now prohibited the risk of invasion by this species is greatly reduced.

For more information see:…/e…/1331750489827/1331750551292

See the list of regulated pest plants at:…/e…/1380720513797/1380721302921

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Kudzu covering a large area. Photo source unknown.