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Use this map to find local trails to explore.

Bring a PlayCleanGo themed adventure kit along with you so you're prepared to explore responsibly.


Play Clean Go - Adventure Kit for Hikers

  • Boot Brush
    Used before and after a hike
  • Tick Remover Tool
    Always check yourself over after a hike and use care when removing ticks.
  • Pet Brush
    Used before and after a hike
  • Coconut Oil
    For pets, keep on hand to work stubborn seeds out of fur
  • EDDMapS App
    You don't need data; you can upload sightings when home!

Make sure your shoes, clothes, and packs are clean before starting your hike and before you get back in your car.

Photo Credit: Kassidy Matheson


Brush your pets before and after your hike to make sure there are no seeds in their fur. Use coconut oil to remove stubborn seeds.

Photo Credit: Kassidy Matheson


Clean your horse's shoes and feed them weed-free certified hay before and after your ride.

Photo Credit: Kassidy Matheson

Send us a picture of you out and about hiking, walking your pet or riding your horse and we may feature you on our Facebook Page!

* Send photos to PEIinvasives@gmail.com with the subject line "I Play Clean Go"

Visit PlayCleanGo.org for more helpful tips!