PEI Resources for Recreationalists


The Atlantic Canada Conservation Data Center (AC CDC)

  • The AC CDC's expertise and data represent the single most comprehensive and current source of information about Atlantic Canada's biodiversity. Visit "Conservation Ranks" on their website to view a comprehensive provincial list of plant and animal species, with a conservation status rank (S-rank) and legal status for each species in each province.

PEI Government – Lyme Disease in PEI

  • Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted to humans by a bite from an infected blacklegged (deer) tick (Ixodes scaplularis). There is a risk of contracting lyme disease in PEI, so visit this site to learn how to prevent, remove and respond to ticks. Starting in June 2021, a tick found on a person, a pet or the environment can be identified through the platform - read more on the government page.

Play Clean Go – Website

  • Patented education and awareness campaign owned by the North American Invasive Species Management Association. Excellent tips and tricks to help individuals limit the spread of invasive species.

PEI Invasive Species Council – Species Info

  • The council serves as a respected repository for credible information and resources on invasive species for PEI. To find information on what species are considered invasive threats, please visit the invasive plant, insect and disease section of the website.

Youth Resources

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    • Steward is a PlayCleanGo enthusiast, and as a bigfoot he is passionate about protecting natural areas. To read more about him and his adventures, check out their website!
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    • Designed for ages 6-12 but anyone can have fun completing this activity book! Filled with coloring activities and learning activities it's sure to be a fun resource to educate on the importance of keeping natural areas free of invasive species.

* Youth Resources Developed by the Canadian Council of Invasive Species