Don’t move firewood project

Help us reduce the spread of invasive insects and pathogens by committing to buying local firewood!

Transporting firewood for camping trips may seem harmless, but even the cleanest looking logs can contain insect larvae, fungal spores or seeds. A single log from outside of PEI could be responsible for the introduction of a new invasive species that could cause untold harm to the island’s natural environment.

Fun Fact:

A general rule of thumb is to not move firewood more than 80 km from its origin. Ideally firewood should only be moved a few kilometers. On PEI it should never be transported in/out of province.

Don’t Move Firewood Project

We have a unique opportunity on PEI to limit the spread of invasive species. If we can eliminate the import of firewood to campsites from outside our province we can reduce the opportunities for these species to become established.

A pilot program is now underway on PEI where campers using federal and provincial campsites can exchange out-of-province firewood for locally sourced wood. The PEI Invasive Species Council has worked with Parks Canada and the PEI Provincial Government to develop this program to limit the spread of invasive species.

Firewood disposal bins have been placed at the visitor centres at both vehicular points of entry for campers to dispose of firewood. Campers disposing of wood at the disposal bins will receive a coupon for a free bundle of firewood when they arrive at their campsites.

The wood in the bins will then be safely transported to PEI Energy Systems to be incinerated.

Picture: Bin at the Wood Islands Visitor Center

List of participating campgrounds:

  • Brudenell River Provincial Park
  • Cabot Beach Provincial Park
  • Cedar Dunes Provincial Park
  • Jacques Cartier Provincial Park
  • Linkletter Provincial Park
  • Northumberland Provincial Park
  • Panmure Island Provincial Park
  • Red Point Provincial Park
  • Cavendish Campground PEI National Park
  • Stanhope Campground PEI National Park


In 2019, a Don’t Move Firewood Committee was formed on PEI and since then they have worked hard to implement this project and work with partners to see it through. The committee’s members are made up of representatives from the PEI Invasive Species Council, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, provincial departments of: Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture – Environment, Energy and Climate Change – Transportation and Infrastructure.

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of the participating organizations. It is exciting to have worked with so many partners, it truly demonstrates that invasive species are everyone’s concern and we can successfully work together to manage them.

  • Thank you to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for funding the bins, and to the City of Charlottetown who’s funding paid for most of the cost of the decals.
  • Thank you to the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Change for funding and organizing the safe transfer of wood from the bins to PEI energy systems.
  • Thank you to the PEI National and Provincial Parks who have agreed to participate in our exchange program and donate their locally sourced wood.
  • Thank you to the Wood Islands and Area Development and the Borden Visitor Center for allowing us the opportunity to place the bins at their sites.
  • Thank you to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure for implementing a Screening Stations Protocol that lets campers know about our initiative at the provincial border
  • Thank you to the Belfast and Area Watershed Group and a private contractor for securely delivering the bin contents to PEI energy systems for incineration.
  • Thank you again to CFIA for organizing and implementing an insect sampling system inside the bin so that we can get an idea as to what invasive pests might be present.