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Revisiting wild cucumber, (Echinocystis lobata)…. (archive)

Published on Wednesday August 26, 2015
Authored by PEIISC

Although we posted about wild cucumber earlier, I thought is would be a good time to post again as it is in full bloom and really visible at this time of year.

I have been seeing a lot of wild cucumber in my travels. A few areas that stand out are Kensington and Darnley. You will see it in the ditches, hedgerows, woodland edges and people’s yards.

Wild cucumber is an annual vine that can grow up to 6m in a year. It likes damp areas and prefers full sun. It’s vining growth habit allows it to up and over other plants, completely shading them and preventing them from photosynthesizing (making food).

Pull it out early in the season! You won’t have to deal with disposing of lots of plant material (as you would at this time of year) and it won’t be able to go to seed… which is how it reproduces.

Attached images:

Wild cucumber infestation in Darnley, PEI.