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Spring is here! (archive)

Published on Monday December 19, 2016
Authored by PEIISC

Tis the Season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…gardening season! With it comes beautiful flower beds, gardens and baskets, but it also means learning to identify invasive species when purchasing your lovely greenery and flowers. There are several known invasive species sold across Canada, and we strongly encourage you to be aware of these plants so you don’t end up with a problem on your property and on those around you!

One of the most obvious plants is Goutweed (Aegopodium podagraria)…also known as Snow-On-The-Mountain or Bishop’s Weed. This prolific little spreader can choke out native plants and spread throughout your garden. Want a native alternative to this groundcover? Transplant some wild strawberry. We can sum that up in one word: YUM.

– Kelley Arnold, PEIISC member and Watershed Coordinator for the Stratford Area Watershed Improvement Group

Attached images:

Goutweed on the left, strawberry on the right.