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The PEIISC Working with Island Teachers (archive)

Published on Thursday December 4, 2014
Authored by PEIISC

Yesterday several of our council members attended a workshop at UPEI. The workshop was focused on providing Island intermediate-high school teachers with the information and resources to incorporate the topic of invasive species into science curriculum! Lots of energy and interest on the topic! We’re looking forward to working with the teachers we met in the future!

Photos courtesy of the Invasive Species Centre

Attached images:

The PEIISC display, including pressed sample, handouts, teaching ideas, etc.
Checking out the green crab
Council members, Beth, Julie-Lynn and Karen, speaking to the teachers
Beth Hoar and Julie-Lynn Zahavich with the PEIISC display at an invasive species workshop for teachers, hosted by the Inavsive Species Centre (ON), December 2014