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Thinking about moving firewood? Think again! (archive)

Published on Wednesday November 19, 2014
Authored by PEIISC

Have you ever gone camping and didn’t use all your firewood at last night’s camp-fire? You think, “I’ll just bring it home and use it next time we go camping”. STOP!! DON’T DO IT. A simple move such as this, could damage or destroy millions of trees. “How?”, you may ask? Well, lurking within that firewood may be a deadly killer…..invasive insects or disease. By moving the firewood from your campsite, you are enabling the insects or disease to spread.

Insect pests and disease can cause devastating effects on our forest. Protecting our forests from dangerous pests and diseases is important for maintaining ecosystem health, air and water quality, animal habitat, and the economy.

Check out the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s policies on firewood movement and regulated pests.

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