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What is in Bloom? Common Valerian (June – July)

Published on Friday July 22, 2022
Authored by PEIISC

Have you spotted the Common Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) growing on PEI recently? This invasive plant is in full bloom in June and July in our region.

Valerian is a clumping perennial with medium green foliage and tall, floral stems. They produce scented flowers, rounded clusters in a beautiful white to pale pink. Although beautiful, Valerian is classified as invasive in North America, so if you do grow it in your garden be sure to deadhead flowers before they go to seed to prevent invasive spread.

Valerian is normally 3 to 5 feet tall. Watch for this invasive in Prince Edward Island moist stream banks, wet meadows, fens and roadside ditches. It can also grow in dryer conditions and will tolerate some shaded areas.

Thank you to Beth Hoar for the recent images of her Common Valerian sighting in New Brunswick.