(Vinca minor)

Name and Family

Periwinkle (Vinca minor)


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Identification Guide

Here are some distinguishing features that may help to positively identify Periwinkle

  • Leaves are glossy, evergreen and have a faint, white mid-vein
  • It has long, trailing stems that grow along the ground
  • Single flowers bloom along the stem
  • Flowers are pale blue-purple, 3 cm wide and have 5 petals
  • Flowers bloom from May to June
  • Grows well in shade and tolerates a wide range of soil types

What it does in the ecosystem

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Periwinkle can be found trailing along the ground in forests and other shaded areas. Periwinkle spreads very quickly and can cover large areas. It can choke out native species that inhabit the same space and greatly reduce the biodiversity of an area.


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